October 6, 2017
October 6, 2017

Turkey is a vibrant amalgamation of two unique cultures, reflecting a diverse collection of ideas, beliefs and values. Crossing both European and Middle Eastern boundaries, Turkish society is patriotic and proud of its ancestry and achievements. The rapid modernization of the country, combined with its traditional values, makes Turkey a fascinating market for foreign businesses but requires an understanding of its cultural design in order to secure your future business success.

The Turkish Economy

Founded in 1923 after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Republic has witnessed periods of instability and recurrent democratic power. Today, Turkey is an associate member of the European Union, and is undergoing many changes in order to strengthen its democracy and integrate its economy into a more global field. Turkey’s economy is a dynamic blend of both modern and traditional industries, with an increasingly strong private sector. Turkey’s geographical position offers an excellent base for economic activities throughout the region and is emerging as a powerful cultural and political focal point. Such an increasingly attractive business environment presents many advantages and potential opportunities to businesses wishing to expand in this area of the world.

Areas of Study

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Turkey can be studied in a variety of subject areas much like the range of courses on offer in other countries. An undergraduate qualification takes two to four years to complete. (For medicine it is six years) A postgraduate qualification typically takes two years to complete, although this varies between institutions. Some programs are slightly longer or shorter depending on the course content.

Eligibility for a course may also depend on meeting an appropriate level of Turkish proficiency, although quite a number of Turkish universities conduct tuition in English. Universities usually also offer Turkish courses for students for whom Turkish is not their first language. Check individual institutions for details.

Educational System in Turkey

Turkey’s educational system is composed of two parts; formal education and mass education. Preschool, elementary education, secondary education, and higher education form the basis of formal education. Mass education on the other hand is separated from the formal education and includes national education centers, apprentice training centers, open universities, and county colleges.

In Turkey, the higher educational system is regulated and monitored by the Council of Higher Education, a government agency. The system allows state and non-profit private universities (called foundation universities) to exist, however, there are no for profit private universities in Turkey.


Tuition Fee:


* Istanbul start average tuition fee 3,500 USD - 10,000 USD.


* Medicine / Dentistry / Pharmacy  start average tuition fee 10,000 USD - 25,000 USD.


* Dorm fees start at an average of 3,000 USD per year (including meals)


* For scholarships: our prices include 50% scholarships. It may increase up to 100% according to the success of the student.


If a University other than our member universities requests a separate service fee will be charged.


For State Universities: There are exams in March, April, May, June each year. According to the results of the exam, there are records in June and July. Of course, the prices are very cheap. Med and Dent average 2,000 - 4,000 USD. Other faculties are under 1,000 USD. But the quota is limited.


For state University, If student want to take the exam he can take a course in Istanbul for 1 year.


It can also take an English course or in Turkish.


Turkish courses for foreigners at TOMER have 5 levels: 2 Basic Levels (A1,A2); 2 Intermediate Levels (B1, B2) and Advanced Level (C1). 


The average Turkish Course (TOMER) is around 1,500 USD . 


 There exams for State Universities in March, April, May and June each year.


For State University, if student want to take the exam he can take a course in Istanbul for 1 year. It can also take an English course or in Turkish.

Universities In Turkey

• Aydin University
• Bahcesehir University
• Beykent University
• Biruni University
• Doğuş University
• Işik University
• Bilgi Universityv • Kemerburgaz University
• Şehir Universityv • Ticaret University
• İstinye University
• Nişantaşi University
• Okan University
• Özyeğin University
• Sabanci University
• Üsküdar University
• Kultur University

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